Our program founders believe in creating an entrepreneurial mindset and empowering innovation at the grassroots level to build the next generation of leaders. To achieve the desired result on this scale, the process needs to impart holistic skill sets at an early age. This led to the inception of 21iQInnovation, where the team, with its diverse experience, has created a global program for empowering young minds with experiential learning.

The team conducted a pilot program for a full year consisting of high school students and the results were astounding. At the start of the program, students had little or no prior knowledge in any of the related fields, but by the end were competing successfully with university students. Not only did it provide them with an environment to innovate and bring an idea to fruition, but it also nurtured them to gain confidence, build relationships, and perform well under pressure.

The program is unique as it offers three modules, which can be taken as a stand-alone or combined. Each module has its own benefits and key learnings. It starts from the foundation of an ideation stage, leading to the incubation and execution of the idea to finally build a prototype. Transitioning from a hypothetical idea to a venture has many challenges. The program’s three module approach, robust resources, extensive guidance by mentors and blend of technology, provide a real-life learning experience to teens.

Under the guidance from the team, students will be able to handle risks, explore new paths, or potentially start their own ventures. The primary goal of the program is to offer this unique entrepreneurial experience and skills to all teens and thus create strong holistic leaders for today and tomorrow!

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